Where Should It Go?

Where Should It Go?

We are often asked by our customers, “Where should I install my filter?”

The short answer?  It is highly dependent upon your process.  There are some general rules to follow.  For instance, Strainers can be placed either before or after a pump, while Filters almost always must be placed on the outlet, or “pressure” side of a pump.  This is because Filters are sized for retention and can restrict flow.  This restriction can “starve” a pump of process fluid if it is on the inlet side of the pump.  Strainers on the other hand tend to be more open, and are sized for maintaining flow.  

Some styles of filters may need a high amount of incoming pressure.  An “Internal Backwashing” filter uses a portion of the Inlet pressure to flush solids from its filter elements at intervals.  This means it needs sufficient pressure to maintain forward flow at the same time it is regenerating.   Because of this, internal backwashing filters may need to be closer to the pump or source of pressure than other devices in your process.  

Every process is unique and has its own benefits and challenges.  Findlow Filtration can help you to select the right filter or strainer and guide you in placing it in your process where it can be most effective.  Reach out to us today for a consultation!

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Matt Schmitz has been in the business of filtration since 2006. He began the laboratory analyzing customer samples and R&D testing, followed by service work and startups in the field at customer sites. While his strength is in mechanically-cleaned filter technologies, he continues to grow his knowledge and experience with filters at Findlow Filtration.

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