Strainers vs. Filters

Strainers vs. Filters

What is the difference?  Both Strainers and Filters are typically designed with a specific flow and media fineness, or retention, in mind.  The difference is the focus. If your primary concern is maintaining flow, then you would likely be installing a Strainer.  If your primary concern is media retention, then you would likely be installing a strainer.

As a hard-and-fast rule in terms of media, Strainers typically use media that is coarser than 150 microns, while Filters use media that is finer than 150 microns.  Every application is different, so it is important to recognize this is a very general rule.  Our experts at Findlow Filtration can help you select the best solution to your application.  

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Matt Schmitz has been in the business of filtration since 2006. He began the laboratory analyzing customer samples and R&D testing, followed by service work and startups in the field at customer sites. While his strength is in mechanically-cleaned filter technologies, he continues to grow his knowledge and experience with filters at Findlow Filtration.

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