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Line Card for Findlow Filtration

Liquid, Air & Gas Filters:

Disc pak filters, plate & frame filter presses

Donaldson / Ultrafilter
Sterile steam, compressed air & gas filters, air dryers

Filter bags & vessels, automatic self-cleaning filters & gas/liquid separators

Filtrafine Corporation
Filter bags & vessels, cartridges & vessels, custom housings code & non-code

Graver Technologies
Cartridges & cartridge filters

Hayward Flow Control
Industrial thermoplastic flow controls & housings

Lakos Filtration Systems
Solids from liquids separators, automatic self-cleaning filters

Mahle Industrial Filtration
High quality industrial filters for fluid technology, air filtration and process technologies

Filtration Group
Zinga, Mahle, Nowata & ProGuard brand filters

Cartridges & thermoplastic cartridge housings

Sidco Filtration Engineering
Air intake and vacuum filters

Yardney Water Management Co.
Automatic self-cleaning sand and carbon filters

Gravity Feed Liquid Coolant Filters:

Clearstream Filters, Inc.
Self-indexing media filters

ACE Manufacturing Co.
Delpark brand self indexing filters

Strainers – Iron, Bronze and Stainless Steel:

Simplex, duplex, Y-type, T-type, fabricated & temporary strainers

Filter Media for Liquids:

Die cut filter pad and “stack” filter elements

Filtration Plus
Filter bags, industry standard & custom designs

Graver Technologies
Nominal & high purity filter cartridges in wide material selection

Hanes Engineered Materials
Roll, diecut, bulk fabric and non-woven filter media

HVAC Filter Media:

Glassfloss Industries, Inc.
Auto rolls, bags, disposables, pad and frames, synthetic media and HEPA filters

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