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Our vendors offer a wide selection of products to improve quality, consistency and reduce costs.  From Teflon cartridge tank vents to filter press media and everything in between, we can assist you with selecting the right filter system and media for your process.

With ErtelAlsop filtration equipment, you’ll find the perfect filter media solution for your customized operating conditions. ErtelAlsop offers a large variety of filter media and construction techniques to provide dry filter cakes, high flow rates, clear filtrate, and good particle retention using our various filter media finishes and separation capabilities.

  • ErtelAlsop Micro-Clear™ Activated Carbon Filter Media improves purity and adjusts color using activated carbon sheets with different pore sizes and premium adsorptive qualities, which allows the removal of excess color and odor from liquids without having to deal with carbon in loose form. This is one of our most popular products for improving purity and adjusting color.
  • AlphaMedia G Series is the most popular premium filter medium for distilled liquids, essences, and oils. The G Series is a mineral-free depth filter medium and it does not contain inorganic components. It has a net positive charge zeta potential, which allows for the highly efficient removal of particles smaller than the filter’s nominal rating.
  • The MicroMedia XL Series features ultra-pure Celpure® diatomite that meets USP-NF standards. This series is the ultimate media for unparalleled process control due to its precision purity, clarity, and high throughput. Manufactured specifically for critical applications, ErtelAlsop’s MicroMedia XL series depth filter sheets outperformed standard grades by over 500%.

Use of ErtelAlsop Depth Filtration Systems in the Cannabis Industry

Excellence in filtration is crucial to the Cannabis Extracts Industry, just as it is to the Food & Beverage and Pharmaceuticals Industries. Using high quality water and achieving a clear and pure extract is the goal.

When producing essential cannabis oil, medical marijuana, or hemp oil, the filtration stage is key in ensuring product safety and quality regardless of the desired result.

In order to achieve excellence in every aspect of the liquid product, reliable cannabis extract producers of medical-grade marijuana and hemp oil turn to precision equipment. The right equipment can improve the distillation process, the taste, the smell, and the appearance of the end product.

The appropriate combination of techniques and tools will aid in the creation of a clear, amber extract as the final product. The right process will help you avoid a muddy, undesirable product containing plant particles, debris, and unwanted lipids.

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