Distributor Water Waste Treatment Equipment

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Distributor of Water & Waste Treatment Equipment

At Findlow Filtration, we are experts at finding the water treatment solutions that match our customers exact application needs. By supplying the best and most dependable products on the market today, we have become a reliable application partner that can guide your water treatment project from start to finish.

We supply equipment manufactured by Edjetech Services, a leader in turnkey water treatment systems. Their T1 Tramp Oil Separator system allows for oil/water separation at rates up to 120 gallons per hour. Featuring rigid steel construction with chemical resistant paint, it is well suited for many applications. Edjetech also manufactures a variety of coolant recovery systems capable of removing floating and dispersed oils in continuous flow coolant. With high quality filtration, it can significantly reduce new coolant expenses.

Our distribution covers several Midwestern metropolitan areas, including Indianapolis, Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville, and Paducah. To learn more about our water treatment solutions, see the table below and contact us directly.

Product Sheets

  • Removes free floating and dispersed oils
  • Maintains coolant concentrations
  • Accurate refractometer readings
  • Continually cleans coolant
  • Reduces coolant disposal volumes up to 90%
  • Reduces new fluid purchased up to 80%
  • All steel tank construction
  • Flow rate of 90 to 120 gallons per hour
  • Oil/Water separation section
  • Gravity flow outlet
  • Polyurethane chemical resistant paint
  • Overall dimensions of 21″ x 14″ x 25″

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