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Supply Distributor of Liquid Coolant Filters

Findlow Filtration is your single source for liquid coolant filtering solutions. We have a comprehensive selection of high performance filters that are dependable and able to fit any budget.

Our Myco media filters, a product of Clearstream Filters Inc., provides reliable automatic filtering of non-pressurized coolants. Constructed from carbon steel with a polyester powder coat finish, these filters can handle system upsets and overloads easily without blinding, and discharge solids in the form of cakes. We can also supply gravity bed filters, sourced from Delpark Filters. Their gravity design features automatic self-cleaning, filtration rates down to 1 micron, stainless steel construction, and a powder coated finish. These are excellent for metalworking coolants, sludge dewatering, and plant cleanup.

Choose us as your filtration distributor and gain the benefits of these high quality filtration products. Our service area includes Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Louisville, Lexington, and Paducah metro areas. To learn more about our offerings see the table below or contact us directly.

Product Sheets

  • Non-pressurized system
  • Can handle system upsets or overloads without blinding filter media
  • Fully automatic system
  • Solids discharged as cakes
  • Typical applications range from agriculture to heating & cooling
  • Carbon steel construction with polyester powder coat finish

Delpark™ Gravity Bed Filter

  • Automatic self-cleaning gravity filter
  • For removal of solids from fluids
  • Applications include filtration of metalworking coolants, sludge dewatering, & plant clean up
  • Filtration rates down to 1 micron
  • Stainless steel units are available in 304L or 316L
  • Powder coated paint finish

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