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Supply Distributor of Strainers (Iron, Bronze, Stainless Steel)

Quality strainers and other filtration products are difficult to find nowadays, especially for residential and commercial users who don’t regularly buy industrial strainers. At Findlow Filtration we make the procurement process easier by putting our customer in contact with the highest quality strainer products available. Our primary source, EATON, supplies us with a variety of strainer products that can meet the needs of any straining application.

EATON’s products include the Model 70 and 72SJ strainers. These perforated or mesh wire strainers are designed for threaded drains and are installed easily, with no tools required. Fabricated with robust features, all strainers are tested to 150% of their rated pressures to ensure that a reliability and long service life.

EATON is also the producer of the Model 90 strainer, notable for its dimensional flexibility. It can be placed on pipe opening ranging from 1” to 48” in diameter, with perforations from 1/32” to 1” in size. Featuring a straight-flow, slant top design, it is made to ANSI and ASME specification.

We provide distribution in several Midwestern USA metropolitan areas, including Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Louisville, Lexington, and Paducah metro areas. To learn more about our iron, bronze, and stainless steel strainers, see the table below or feel free to contact us directly.

Product Sheets

  • Tested to 150% of its maximum rated pressure
  • Quick-open cover without tools
  • Large capacity baskets
  • Threaded drain
  • Machined basket seat
  • Perforated or mesh stainless steel baskets standard
  • 1/2″ NPT steam connections
  • Quick-open cover without tools
  • Up to 100 psi steam pressure
  • Threaded drain
  • Machined basket seat
  • Perforated or mesh stainless steel baskets standard
  • Continuous flow, no shutdown for basket cleaning
  • Quick open cover requires no tools
  • Large capacity baskets
  • Lift jack prevents plug galling
  • Rugged tapered plug design
  • Perforated or mesh stainless steel basket
  • Continuous flow, no shutdown for basket cleaning
  • Eight baskets per strainer (four per side)
  • Bolted cover
  • Sliding gate design
  • Perforated or mesh stainless steel baskets standard
  • Synchronized drive for pressure equalization
  • Bolted or threaded covers
  • Synthetic fiber gaskets
  • Suitable for liquid, gas or steam
  • Standard stainless steel screens
  • Pressure rating from 275 to 1480 psi
  • Precision machined screen seat on strainer body
  • Straight through flow design
  • 20 to 400 mesh linings
  • Basket perforations from 1/32″ to 1″
  • Slant top basket design
  • ANSI class 600, 900, or 1500 flanges
  • ASME code construction
  • Quick open cover or davit assembly bolted cover
  • Alloy construction of body & baskets
  • ASME code construction
  • Backflushing system for manual automated cleaning
  • Steam jacket for highly viscous fluids
  • Coatings & linings
  • Flow rates up to 1800 gpm (409 m3/hr)
  • Screen options
  • Automatic backwashing
  • Exclusive idL™ shaft seal
  • Unitized modular assembly
  • Cenpeller technology

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