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Liquid Filter Media Distributor
Liquid Filter Media Distributor

At Findlow FIltration, we understand the filtration technology that matters most to our liquid filtering customers. We make sure to stock from only the best suppliers for filtration solutions, providing our customers a flexible array of quality products. That’s why we offer a wide selection of filtration products from ErtelAlsop, a leader in filtration solutions. Their MicroMedia series of filters serves food processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics applications, and can be configured for high solids or high purity mediums. Composed of cutting-edge materials like perlite resins and composite diatomaceous earth, these filters can capture particles as small as 5 µm. Also available are specialty pharmaceutical filters and their Alpha Media cellulose filters, an organic design that is perfect for food processing and is 21CFR 176.170 compliant.

We distribute to many Midwestern metropolitan areas, including Indianapolis, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, Lexington, and Paducah. To learn more about these exceptional filtration products, see the table below and contact us directly.

Alpha Media® Filter Sheets [PDF - 760KB]

  • 100% cellulose filter media
  • Little to no extractable content
  • Low ash content
  • No resin, binders, or filter aids needed
  • Safe for contact with food by 21CFR 176.170
  • Nominal retention from 1 to 10 µm

MicroMedia® Filter Sheets [PDF - 883KB]

  • High solids loading
  • Two distinct filter aids
  • Composed of cellulose pulp, diatomaceous earth and/or perlite & a wet strength resin
  • Safe for contact with food by 21CFR 176.170
  • Applications include food, pharmaceuticals, & cosmetics
  • Retention from 0.25 to 15 µm

Micro-Media® L Series Filter Sheets [PDF - 931KB]

  • Extremely low 1,3 B D-glucan content
  • Lower frequency of false positive LAL tests
  • For applications with proteins, such as blood fractionation & DNA
  • Comes in sheets or cartridges
  • Strong electrokinetic forces
  • In accordance with ErtelAlsop’s Drug Master File at CDER

Micro-Media®: XL Series Filter Sheets [PDF - 933KB]

  • Highest purity diatomaceous Earth (DE)
  • Greater contaminant removal efficiency
  • Lower extractables content
  • Composed of cellulose pulp, Celpure® Diatomaceous Earth & wet strength resin
  • Nominal retention from 0.25 to 15 µm
  • 90% of products go into industrial and food-grade applications

Micro-Media® LXL Series Filter Sheets

  • High purity materials
  • Lower extrables
  • Low beta glucan content
  • Ideal for process requiring extremely low extractable
  • 9 Grades of Micro-MediFormulated with high purity cellulose & diatomaceous earth

MicroClear® Activated Carbon Filter Sheets [PDF - 335KB]

  • Higher efficiency over loose carbon
  • High adsorption rates
  • Composed of activated Carbon, cellulose and D.E.
  • Provides controlled filtration, decolorization, & deodorization
  • Retention from 0.45 to 5 µm
  • Contains surface areas between 500-2000 m²/gm

Pharmaceutical Grade Depth Filter Media and Filter Sheets [PDF - 901KB]

  • High purity
  • USP class VI tested
  • Fully lot traceable
  • Low endotoxin content
  • Supported through validation guide
  • Retention from 0.25 to 15 µm

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